How to subscribe to a podcast

How to receive and subscribe to a podcast

You can’t just click on a "subscribe" link and have it work unless you are in windows using the itunes browser or working from an Apple computer browser. We put the link on our website understanding that only the podcast saavy can automatically download. To become podcast saavy, try this process:

You need a late version of itunes to make it work ( it has to have the podcast feature). Get the free media player at:

In itunes, click advanced, subscribe to podcast and paste in the link that says "Subscribe to my podcast". (To copy the link in Windows, right click on it and choose "Copy Shortcut") Itunes will then automatically download the latest sermon to the itunes podcast directory.

The automatic download feature is what makes podcasting so convenient. Once itunes subscribes to the sermon podcast, every time the church posts a new sermon and you are online, the sermon will be downloaded to your computer.

Windows Media Player does not support the automatic download feature of podcasts, but it can automatically transfer the downloaded files to your portable player. You can use itunes to capture the files, or a secondary program like Doppler to pull the files off our website without effort (once it is installed). You tell Windows Media Player which playlists you want automatically synchornized, including the folders containing the updated content.

If you have neither music player and just want to manually download the sermons, go to the podcast sermon page:  right click on any sermon link listed and choose "Save Target As" and it will let you choose the location to save the mp3 file.

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